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National Sport Policy

This National Sport Policy offers a formal, holistic and systematic framework for the development of sport in Trinidad and Tobago. It is based on recognition of the important role which sport plays in the life of the individual, the community, the nation, the region and in the world.

The policy however must be seen more as a process rather than as a final product. It seeks to guide decision making with regard to the development of sport since it will be subject to modification and refinement in response to changing social realities.

This policy document addresses the meaning of sport, the rationale and/or objectives of the policy, the critical and significant issues which are central to the development of sport and the various institutional and organizational mechanisms for their attainment.

Download your copy of the National Sport Policy.

Sport Facilities Policy

Refresh yourself on the procedures for accessing MoS facilities with ourĀ Facilities Policy.

Grant Funding Policy

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