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Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Intent and Direction for Sport

The Ministry has a master strategy which is to establish the Ministry as a premier provider of policy direction and professional services for sport development in an equitable and sustainable manner, utilizing appropriate technologies, research and best practice.

Four strategic themes uphold the Ministry:

  1. Sport for All/Total Participation in Sport where there is a society in which the majority of citizens are participating in sport.
  2. High Performance Sport where athlete medal count is continuously increasing.
  3. Sport as an Industry where:
    1. New sport businesses are established and operate successfully,
    2. Sport tourism is making significant contributions to GDP.
  4. Improve the overall efficiency and efficacy of the Ministry through the use of ICT to increase efficiency to all stakeholders.

New Policy Direction for Youth Development

Our youth are vital to the future development of Trinidad and Tobago. They must be nurtured, listened to, protected and encouraged, given proper guidance and easy access to education, personal development, health care and meaningful employment. They must be supported and provided with the means to grow and develop and there must be a forum for their voices to be heard and their ideas, plans and programmes incorporated into national policy. They must also be given opportunities to participate in Government and the public and private sectors at the highest levels.

The new policy direction of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for youth development speaks to the following issues:

  1. Increased youth participation in all aspects of sustainable development of Trinidad and Tobago.
  2. Special emphasis on needs assessment to foster a greater understanding of the needs of young people and the provision of guidelines for positive youth development.
    1. Creating an enabling environment to stimulate youth micro-enterprise including the provision of grant funding and loan financing.
    2. Developing a culture of entrepreneurship among youth whereby young people fully appreciate the value of entrepreneurship and are motivated/driven to own their own businesses.
  3. Creating a mechanism for the respect and protection of the intellectual property rights of our young people.
  4. The involvement of the private sector, through fiscal incentives to increase the levels of youth employment.
  5. The development of a comprehensive Youth Employment Policy which addresses the specific and peculiar needs of unemployed youth in diverse communities, as well as preparation for the job market.
    1. Collaborations with specialised partner agencies to:
      1. address the rehabilitation of young offenders coming out of institutions and/or the court system and
      2. develop a proper support system to facilitate the young people’s reintegration into society.
    2. The development of early intervention and prevention programmes for at-risk and vulnerable youth.
  6. Encouraging and developing youth leadership at the community, district and village levels with specific exposure to training in civic responsibility.
  7. Establishing a Youth Leadership Development Institute that would, on an on-going basis, provide training and interactive seminars in leadership.
    1. The development and implementation of social marketing interventions aimed at:
      1. highlighting the positive aspects of youth, including the use of young people who are engaged in positive initiatives
      2. restructuring the negative perceptions of young people.
    2. Utilising youth-to-youth approaches to disseminate information on critical issues such as STDs and HIV and AIDS.
  8. The implementation of an annual Youth Exposition and special radio and television programming which would allow youth to discuss issues affecting them and focus on youth upliftment.
  9. Encouraging young people to be more politically minded and providing them with opportunities and facilities for dialogue on youth issues.
  10. Creating a forum/a platform for the youth arms of the national parties and independent young voices to debate and discuss issues of concern to youth.
    1. The provision of Youth Facilities in communities/villages and regions of Trinidad and Tobago that will allow positive recreation and healthy lifestyles among youth.
    2. Ensuring that these Youth Facilities in communities/villages and regions give vulnerable youth a safe haven to socialise while receiving coaching, counselling and acquiring information on civic responsibility.
  11. Youth engagement, youth involvement and youth participation in constructive activities. This will be implemented by mobilising youth in their natural setting through community/village activities and initiatives.

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